Tojiro-Pro 37 layer Cobalt



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Highest quality material, 63 layers of real forged Nickel Da
mascus steel has been used for this top of the line model. Super professional series with elegant pattern. Complex formulated core material is super hard alloy which consists of Molyb
m steel with additional of Cobalt,Vanadium and Chrome.

Each blade’s excess material has been shaved by the hand of Master Crafter to make it completely wedge shape from the spine to the edge. Also, the blade is super thin for ease of insertion to the food material. Not to mention the minimum effort for the sharpening to make it laser sharp again. This limited production blade is truly the work of art for the inspired chefs.

Forged Blade material made 37 layered Cobalt alloy steel.
DP Clad Technology(Patented forging method) has revolutionized modern forging way of making clad steel. DP Clad Technology prevents escape of carbon, also prevents corrosion created by electron movement between different alloy while forging. Highest technology makes this products truly unique and supreme above others. 
This series knives are superior for sharpness and maintenance for re-sharpening due to special alloy steel which is made from stainless-steel and sandwiched high purity iron ore with low
rature gas reduction method. Tornade pattern handle will make sure the firm and comfortable gripping.  Tojiro DP knives are made with ‘Honwarikomi’ method where a carbon steel plate is encased front, top, and back in stain-resistant steel. As a result, the cutting edge of the blade is as sharp and durable as a carbon steel knife, while the stain-resistant steel outer layer makes this knife very easy to maintain.Tojiro’s Honwarikomi knives use high-quality Swedish carbon steel and 13% chromium stain-resistant steel in their construction.
The passion of top chef and technology of Tojiro made this ultimate Supreme series. Elegant form was born by collaboration of Tojiro and
The French chef.  Blade is made of Real forged 6
3 or 37 layers Nickel Damascus and Cobalt steel those are the highest level of cutting tool material. Also, it's unique grip shape was designed especially for this Supreme series. After numerous discussion and sampling with The French Chef, his dreaming handle shape which is combined with tornade grip from Tojiro series was born. This remarkable grip makes those tough long hours of demanding and precise cutting very easy for the professionals.
    Tojiro Supreme 63 layer Nickel Damuscus
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