Tojiro is world renowned knife manufacture situated in Niigata, Japan.

Japan has a long tradition of knife manufacturing. Over one thousand years ago, Japanese swordsmiths developed the art of sword making to provide strong, sharp blades for the Samurai, the feared warrior caste.

Tojiro have adopted many of these traditional techniques in producing knives for the 21st Century which incorporate the same multi-layered blades so painstakingly produced by masters in the past, and which both look and perform as well in a kitchen as their predecessors did in the fields.

Honwarikomi knife blades are made of a carbon steel plate that is encased front, top, and back in stain-resistant steel. As a result, the cutting edge of the blade is as sharp and durable as a carbon steel knife, while the stain-resistant steel outer layer makes this knife very easy to maintain. Tojiro's honwarikomi knives use high-quality Swedish carbon steel and 13% chromium stain-resistant steel in their construction.

All knives are manufactured by master craftsman and woman with more than 33 different process and comes with our full guarantee. This art form professional tools has been enjoyed by many chefs through out all different field and level of food industry.

For more information and inquiry,  please contact info@tojiro.ca